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Welcome to UK Detailers And Valeters, The UK's Friendliest Car Valeting & Detailing Forum. If you're into detailing or valeting, whether as a professional or enthusiast, then this is where you need to be, as you can post your car detailing and valeting write ups for FREE! There are no payments to be made just to be able to show off your hard work.

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UKDNV is a friendly car detailing forum for both professional detailers and car detailing enthusiasts. On UK Detailers & Valeters Forum you can discuss detailing products, techniques, ways to promote your car detailing business, product reviews, as well as post reflection and beading pictures.

At UK Detailers & Valeters Forum, we like seeing clean and shiny vehicles, so join in the UK's newest, and best, detailing and valeting forum today.

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  • DMD Detailing
DMD Detailing offer professional car detailing services these include New Car Protection Houston - New Car Protection Glasgow - New Car Protection Greenock - New Car Protection Inverclyde - New Car Protection Paisley - New Car Protection Renfrewshire - New Car Protection Package - Car Detailing Renfrew - Car Detailing Glasgow - Car Detailing Greenock - Car Detailing Inverclyde - Car Detailing Paisley - Car Detailing Renfrewshire - Paint Correction Renfrew - Paint Correction Glasgow - Paint Correction Greenock - Paint Correction Inverclyde - Paint Correction Package - Paint Correction Paisley - Paint Correction Renfrewshire - Ceramic Paint Protection Renfrew - Ceramic Paint Protection Glasgow - Ceramic Paint Protection Greenock - Ceramic Paint Protection Inverclyde - Ceramic Paint Protection Package - Ceramic Paint Protection Paisley - Ceramic Paint Protection Renfrewshire - Ceramic Paint Protection - Ceramic Coating Renfrew - Ceramic Coating Glasgow - Ceramic Coating Greenock - Ceramic Coating Inverclyde - Ceramic Coating Package - Ceramic Coating Paisley - Ceramic Coating Renfrewshire

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  •  New Car Protection Package
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    Our New Car Protection Package consists of us applying one of our quality Ceramic Coatings which provides from 12 months up to 5 years plus paintwork protection with the right after care. 

    ​​Treat your new vehicle with the very best in paintwork protection (this can also be applied to used cars). After fully preparing your vehicle with full decontamination process and single stage machine polish I will apply your selected ceramic coating.

    The Ceramic Glass Coating Products DMD Detailing use will outlast any dealership coating & protect the clear coat and base colour from ultra violet rays and acid rains, preventing them from degradation and colour fading. The painted surface will continue to look glossy years later. Besides that, dirt, road film etc find it difficult to get stuck on the surface compared to a carnauba wax due to the super hydrophobicity of the ceramic coated surface.

  •  KubeBond Diamond 9H Ceramic Coating

  • Treat your new vehicle with the very best in paintwork protection with our KubeBond Diamond 9H New Car Protection Package.
    Once Diamond 9H has cured, the ceramic matrix yields several improvements to the paintwork of your vehicle.
    1. HIGH GLOSS - Applying Diamond 9H to painted surfaces transforms the gloss to levels previously unachievable with traditional waxes and polishes.
    2. STRONG HYDROPHOBIC EFFECT - Hydrophobicity is the ability of a surface to repel water. With Diamond 9H applied to your vehicle, water and dirt will simply run off reducing the need to wash your vehicle.
    3. SCRATCH RESISTANCE - Due to the hard nature of ceramics, Diamond 9H creates a protective barrier for your vehicle, significantly reducing the chance of damage caused by stone chips and scratches from physical abrasion.
    4. LOW FRICTION - Diamond 9H adds a low-friction function to your vehicle. This makes it easy to remove contaminants such as road tar, paint spills, bird droppings, bug splats and tree sap from your paintwork without damaging the paint.
    5. NO MORE POLISHING & WAXING - Diamond 9H uses our revolutionary bonding technology (RBT). The result is that when it's applied to the surface, it reacts with moisture in air to create cross-linked chemical which bonds with that surface. The result is that Diamond 9H will last for at least 5 years when combined with correct maintenance. This means that for 5 years + you no longer have to worry about polishing and waxing your car regularly in order to protect your paintwork.

    ​All it takes is a one time application and minimal maintenance. ... etail.html

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