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Coversure Swindon - Insurance Section Sponsor

Coversure Swindon would like to thank UK Detailers & Valeters and Mr Suds for the invite to be the Insurance Section sponsor.

For those that don't know, i'm Lloyd and i'm a partner in Coversure Swindon, which is a high street Insurance Brokers.

I've always been OCD about keeping my own cars clean and, going back what must be 6 or so years ago now, I started getting a bit of reputation as someone that actually knew what a valeter or detailer did!

I felt there massive shortfalls in the Public Liability Insurance on offer and set about trying to change the archaic reputation that valeters have with Insurers and to change their attitude to risk.

Following consultation with some key members of the valeting industry at the time, I developed a scheme which has grown from strength to strength and now offers unrivalled cover with various cover options at a very competitive price. I'll post details of the scheme in a separate thread.

I've picked up a pretty good knowledge of insurance over the years so I am happy to help with problems where I can. If you need a bit of advise on any insurance matter, pop up a post and i'll see what i can do.

I'm looking forward to being part of the community here. 8-)
by Shiny
Tue Apr 16, 2013 8:55 am
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Hi all

Hi all, just a quick hello, i current live in Rochdale, looking into a unit in the next few weeks and get the ball rolling on my detailing business, ill add some of my work when i get time.

Thanks Clint
by CJ1985
Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:56 pm
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My Vauxhall Meriva

Hi all, this is my first post in here hope it's in the right place, copied most of this from my thread on DW.

Hopefully some time this year i'll go full or part-time when i can find a cheapish unit to start out with.

This is My own 2011 1.7CDTI Vauxhall Meriva in Black, detailed it 2 weeks ago.

Did a detail and coat of wax for now, not washed for about 3 weeks with the bad weather we had, normally cleaned once every weekend between over car's i get asked to do if i have time, hopefully do a full correction when the weather warms up or i find a unit.

here are some before pic's

And after

and love this pic came out really good

any advice would be great thanks Clint
by CJ1985
Fri Apr 19, 2013 8:16 pm
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Re: Wax V Sealant V Super sealants

Whilst the lines are blurring a bit, I feel that certain distinctions remain. The old wax and sealants are protection and enhancement product, the new 'super' sealants are more protection (and rely on the underlying surface having suitable appearance).

These days, a professional 'wax' is highly unlikely to be without sealant component. Wax in isolation simply cannot compete with the characteristics endowed by some of the recent technologies. Sealants are extremely 'tunable' products and we can make them look wax like by fiddling with the formulation, these days it seems that the tendency is to do just that whereas previously other considerations were key. Super sealants are a bit of a difficult area thanks to the marketeers. Some of those noted above as being 'super' are merely regular sealants tuned towards durability. This is also partly responsible for the impression that 'super' sealants are getting easier to apply. The reality is that super sealants are not getting easier to apply, just your average super sealant is nowhere near as super as the marketeers would have you believe. This is a bit of a shame because some of the superior products get overshadowed by much cheaper alternatives which are pumped with marketing testosterone.

In spite of the little rant, my favourite products are the advanced 'normal' sealants. It can give the appearance of wax without the hassle and limitation of durability, it can give much of the durability of a super sealant without the compromise on appearance and the extra difficulty of application. Yes, it won't last just as long as the latter, but most of us are enthusiasts... I find it hard to wash a car without wanting to add a quick layer of something new - so I don't really want something that lasts forever!
by PiP
Sun Apr 21, 2013 12:15 am
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Volvo C70

Heres a Volvo i did earlier this year..

So, this is how it looked first thing in the morning.

I rinsed as much as i could off with the pressure washer then gave it a prewash soak in G101 also treating the engine bay, arches, tyres, door/boot/petrol flap at the same time. Left it to dwell whilst giving the alloys a going over with Ali then rinsed everything off, gave the car a soaking in Fallout rinsed once again then washed using 2bm using duet and then given its final rinse before bringing the car indoors to dry (and get warm)

The paintwork was a bit swirly and had some deep scratches and scuffs in places. Nothing too serious though :)

Fully clayed the car with a white clay bar and reglaze, fallout had removed a lot of contamination but with the car being black (and the fact i was absolutely frozen) i decided to give a second application of fallout a miss and go down the clay route.

The bonnet and roof were the worst as you can see in these shots.

Next up was the interior..which was in much need of tlc

Using a very mild (50:1) solution of G101 and a variety of brushes and magic sponges i set about the interior, which was dirtier than i thought as you can see here.

Several hours later..

Once finished, treated all the seats with AS Leather suppliment and then put a couple of dehumidifiers in the car to ensure it was completely dry.

Back to the paintwork..

Used Evo 1 and a white pad as well as white smart tool pads for some of the more tricky areas. Heres a 50-50 shot of the bonnet and shots of the scratched wing and rear bumper that had scuffs on it.

Bumper Before


Wing Before


After this stage the car was fully refined using Finishing Glaze and a black pad then taken outside to rinse any dust/debris from machine polishing off and then brought back in, dried and then given a coat of WAX.

The wheels were then removed from the car and the backs cleaned with Ali then any tar removed with Preptone and then silver sealed.

The calipers and hubs were also looking a little worse for wear..

These were primed with Galva, then painted with Gloss black and then given a coat of hi temp clearcoat.

Discs were wiped clean of any accidental overspray with preptone and then again with BCE then the wheels refitted.

Removed the coat of WAX, dressed the engine, under the arches etc with finish.

Applied a second coat of WAX then dressed exterior plastics with trim ultra, glass clear on the glass, highstyle on the tyres, removed wax. Took car outside to take some decent finished shots and it was snowing so had to settle for these for the time being.

Thanks for looking :)
by Serapth
Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:58 am
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2007 Nissan X-Trail - Pre-sale Mobile Valeting

Hi All

This job was a pre-sale full valet on a 2007 Nissan X-Trail near Martock, Somerset.

So this was it on arrival:

So exterior was cleaned up with Britemax Grime Out, wheels with Concours CC Bling Blades @ 10:1 and ValetPro Blue Gel Wheel Cleaner for the stubborn bits. Once dry it was polished with Concours CC Perficio on a blue Hex pad on the DA. Once this was done, it was topped with Concours CC LiquidShield. Trim was dressed with an online supplier Wonder Multi Dressing or Concept Vista, tyres with an online supplier Long Life Rubber Dressing

Don't know if you can make out where the paintwork has been rubbed with a scouring pad:

And after a pass with Perficio:

So the afters:

And a now obligatory reflection shot:

Thanks for looking

by Shine My Ride
Tue Apr 02, 2013 10:41 am
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Prism Detailing - BMW M3 (Matte) - Opaque Detail

I was asked to detail a rare BMW M3. Based on the "Frozen Edition" in this exact specification there are only 10 made worldwide. The only difference between this car and the "Frozen Edition" which was exclusive to South Africa is the lack of AC Schnitzer add ons. I was commissioned to carry out a protection detail on the car and because of the matte finish Swissvax Opaque range was use. Little background around the detail as the situation was not "ideal" The owner lives on an old farm land in the middle of nowhere with no cover, with the weather expected to become windy and raining the owner recommended to use a garage which is all and fine, but on the day then found out there was no water available as was disconnected due to a burst pipe. So I could not use the PW, or snowfoam or use traditional methods to clean and the use of Swissvax Car Bath Opaque so other methods were required and ill mention this later on......

But to start Im showing a video I made of the detail, please bare with me as im still tryin to get used to what im doing and this is the first video i have done for a detail:" onclick=";return false;

Now for a more indepth written write up:

On arrival:

The car was not too bad, so I opted to use Swissvax Quick Detailer Opaque with the steam cleaner to clean the car, with the lack of water available. The alloys were cleaned with Chemical Guys Diablo and again the use of steam then moved into the garage area:

At this stage Swissvax Opaque wax was applied...This was is designed not in increase the gloss (or lack of) on the matte finish. To be applied, buffed then left for approximately 3 hours to cure an then rebuff:

50/50 on the bonnet:

Whilst the wax is curing, I then waxes the carbon roof with Swissvax Crystal Rock:

I then continued to the exhaust, this was treated using Swissvax Metal Polish and 00 grade steel wool:

The engine bay was then steam cleaned an treated with Chemical Guys Silk Shine Trim Dressing:

The alloys were treated to Zaino Z2 then Swissvax Autobahn, then tyres were then treated to Swissvax Pneu. The Glass was cleaned with 3M Glass Cleaner, the rubbers treated to Swissvax Seal Feed and Plastic trim treated to Swissvax Nano Express. The Interior was hoovered out, the mats were reoved as the owner stated he was replacing them with new ones, the leather was treated to LTT products, the trim to Swissvax Quick Interior Detailer.

The finished product:

Then when I was finished the car had to go out in the rain, perfect to get some beading shots, also see the watehr behaviour in the video link at the top of the thread :)

I would like to thank you for taking the time to look, please subsribe to to the Prism Detailing channel on youtube:" onclick=";return false;

Robert @ Prism Detailing" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;
(Covering Glasgow Scotland & Cambridgeshire)
by Prism Detailing
Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:07 pm
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Prism Detailing - Porsche Carrera S - Signature Detail

Well this detail took a while to get round to, soo many factors involved as not only did the customer want a lot of work carried out, but this was a decider if he kept the car or moved onto something else. It was a family members friend who owned this 2005 Porsche Carrera S and was asked to inspect it and come up with a plan of action. Turning up to the beautiful house i was not expecting to see a 7 year old Porsche in the condition i was witnessing. Both rear arches been damaged, from bumper scuffed and the bonnet had been attacked with a "brillo pad" (confirmed by the owner).

Here is the video i made of the restoration/detail:" onclick=";return false;

Here are a few pictures of the bodywork defects:

As i detail and not do bodywork repairs, we sub contracted this aspect which we were very surprissed with the results:

So onto the detailing side...Pre Detail pics:

Preperation stage (washing/decontamination stage)

This was done using Magnifoam snowfoam from Autobrite, Dodo Juice Born to be mild shampoo, two buckets with a Dodo Juice Wookie wash mitt. The alloys were cleaned using Bilberry Wheel Cleaner and various brushes, then the car was clayed using Swissvax Paint Rubber, Detarred using Tardis and final decontamination using IronX:

Correction Stage (Paint Depth Readings/Inspection/Wet Sanding/Correction/Refining)

During this stage many paint depth readings were taken over the whole car, gaving an idea of what panels had been original and others that had been re painted at some time in the cars history:

The majority of the correction carried out was using Scholls Concept S3 Gold, S17+, S40 with spot areas of wetsanding (larger area on the bonnet):

and the bonnet which had been attacked with a brillo pad:

The car was then treated to 2 layers of Duragloss 111 applied via DA, and finally to Dodo Juice Supernatural Hybrid. The external Glass to Permanon Glass, the Trim to Swissvax Nano Express, Alloys to Wolfs Chemicals Hard Body, the Exhausts to Permanon Aircraft with results like this:

The interior was hoovered, leather steam cleaned, then cleaned and protected with LTT products, carpets were steam cleaned and protected with Gtechniq I1, interior trim was treated with Swissvax Quick Interior Finish and interior glass treated with Dodo Juice Clearly Menthol:

The engine bay was steam cleaned also and treated to Chemical Guys Silk Shine Dressing:

This was probably one of the longest jobs i have done, and up there amoungst the most rewarding. The owner was over the moon and decided he was keeping the car for another 4-5 years as he couldnt believe the results :)

For more information regarding the services on offer from Prism Detailing please visit our website" onclick=";return false;

I would like to thank you for taking you time to view this thread

Robert @ Prism Detailing" onclick=";return false;
(Covering Cambridgeshire and Central Scotland, Glasgow)
by Prism Detailing
Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:02 pm
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MX5 Winter to Summer

Plan for the day...

Clean and protect car.
Remove winter wheels and clean arches
Put summer wheels and tyres on.
Remove and store hard top.

On with the pics.

Summer wheels at the ready.

Dirty MX5

Wheels off



Summer wheels on

Winters cleaned and ready for the shed.

Car now clean and ready for wax.

Hard top removed

All done.

Thanks for looking.
by Spic & Spanners Valeting
Tue Apr 23, 2013 6:23 pm
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KrystalKleenDetail: Audi A5 Cabrio 'Opti-Coat PRO' - UK 1st
Audi A5 Cabrio
Partial Correction Detail
Interior Detail
Paint Touch-Ups
Optimum Opti-Coat ‘Pro’
Nanolex Ultra Glass Upgrade
Soft Top & Interior CarPro CQuartz Fabric & Leather Seal[/b][/size]

Apologies for the absence in write ups lately but with being busy detailing and a new projects and ventures on the go time has been very short. However as i have now been appointed the UK’s first Optimum Opti-Coat Pro Application Centre i thought this car would be an ideal candidate for a write up.

This detail came from a recommendation by the customer i prepared the Audi TTRS for back in January. The usual email was received and various correspondences were passed back and forth and a specification and list of customer requirements were agreed upon. What was unusual was that the customer lives in Harrogate and would be driving the car to me in Oxford on his way to a business trip to Romania. A date was set and the car arrived on the Monday lunchtime.
Upon arrival it turned out the wheels had been attacked by some vicious kerbstones during their short 18 month life and as quite a bit of work was going into the rest of the car it was decided they would be removed and sent away for refurb.
Anyway on with some pictures. The car as it arrived.....

Door shuts looking a bit salty !!!

Various bird bombs over the bonnet.....

Probably one of the better wheels...

And on with a pre-wash...a mix of snow foam and AutoSmart Haz-Safe left for 10 minutes. While dwelling the roof was given a light scrub with a soft nail brush. A more intense clean wasn’t necessary as the roof wasn’t exceptionally dirty.

After the usual 2BM wash and dry the car was brought inside so it could be clayed with Car Chem clay and clay lube. Surprisingly the car was in pretty good shape. Now i didn’t take any pictures of this stage because time was running short as i wanted to get the wheels removed and off to the refurbishers....hmmm......problem.....where’s the locking wheel nut key?......after half an hour of two of us stripping and searching the car i had to admit defeat and phone the customer before he got on his flight. It turned out he had a puncture a few months ago and a tyre had been shredded...and guess what?...the local garage hadn’t put the key change of plan...more of that later though.!!!!

So day two and lets get on with the main job...paint correction. As suspected the bonnet had a few light to medium bird bomb etchings in the topcoat and there were a few scratches scattered around. Nothing unusual that couldn’t be easily taken care of as the average paint thickness around the car was 120nM and all factory original....

As with all paintwork corrections and enhancements the compulsory test panel is chosen to gauge what is needed for maximum effect and minimum clearcoat removal. In this case It was going to be Scholl Concepts S3 Gold on a Flexipads waffle cutting pad supplied by Tim @ Envy Valeting and then further finished with a Megs Tan Pad, Scholl Concepts S30 on a 3M yellow pad and finished with 3M Blue Top on a 3M Blue Finishing Pad......

Same panel and photo but enlarged to show the clarity and flake pop.....

Same panel...

Front passenger door before...

....and after S3 Gold and before refining stages

Number plates removed...what a mess !!!!

Some workshop paper towel soaked in AS Tardis always gets the glue off !!!

This photos from a bit later on after glue removal & polishing and temporary tape for show plates but does make me wonder if the tech that put the plates on this 18month old car had an eyesight problem...!!!!!!

A quick jump forward and the previous stages of polishing have now been completed over the whole car and its Wednesday afternoon. I now want to get the roof sealed before home time so it can have the whole night to dry without any interference. First job is to get the car completely masked off.

And the CarPro CQuartz Fabric & Leather Treatment....

At this stage i didn’t want to be getting ‘hand ache’ keep pumping a small trigger spray over a roof this size so decided to try a different method. A quick sort through of bits and pieces and an old HVLP gun was coupled to the compressor and 50ml of product poured in......and away we go !!!!

This turned out to be a god send......hardly any product used, fine atomisation, excellent coverage with no bits missed and 3 passes over the whole roof with varying criss-crossing spray patterns. This is definitely the way forward. Time to turn off the lights and leave it to dry for the night now.

Its now Thursday morning and time to test the roof.....

Looking good i think you’ll agree 

Now on with the interior.....

Envy Brushes & AS G101 and away we go....

Media centre display screen cleaned with computer screen wipes...

All hard surfaces cleaned with the same inc all interior carpets. Gloss paino black trims polished with liquid spray wax applied to microfiber..

Conventional method employed to treat carpets....

Applied to leather surfaces with yellow foam photo im afraid 

Interior glass cleaned with IPA mix.

At this stage ‘Oxford Dent Company’ had arrived to take out a door dent in a Boxster and while here i asked him to take a look at the door crease/bend on the edge of the passenger door that even the customer hadn’t noticed. I wasn’t too sure he could do anything with it but what have you got to can just make out the downward crease where the door skin meets the door shell....

Out with the dent tools...well....a hammer anyway..!!!!

After that there were a couple of areas that needed touching in from before so paint and heat gun in hand...

At this stage a quick explanation regarding the wheels. As there is no key and they are mullered the customer is now disappointed that the wheels are going to detract from anything that is done to the car...and he is right !!
Now S.M.A.R.T repairs aren’t something that i would normally discuss with a retail customer, never mind on the same vehicle that a detail is being carried out on. But in this instance i think its a necessary evil. I explain that a S.M.A.R.T repair is only a temporary solution and if done right will last quite a while but is no substitution for a dip & strip and re-powdercoat process. All this said i had ordered the Audi Hi-Silver paint earlier on in the job.

Now were working a bit backwards here now as when i originally washed the car although all the wheel arches were cleaned i didn’t touch the wheels...whats the point if they are coming off and being we thought at that time.

So wheels edges were cleaned manually in the workshop and the damaged edges sanded before a 3 layers of Aluminium body filler was applied to the ‘troughs’ and ‘gouges’. Once dry under infra red each layer was sanded until a nice even surface was obtained.

Now is the time for final wash off and cleaning of the wheels with Iron X and various brushes,

Tyres masked, backs of wheels masked along with everything else that i don’t want painting and etch primered, basecoat and 2 pack lacquer...and bake !!! Only picture i have is this one as the masking was taken off, tyre was wiped down to remove any spray that had got into the masking that i obviously hadn’t sealed down properly but no big problem. Now just to be clear my opinion of S.M.A.R.T repairs is that they are a ‘SMART Bodge’ but do serve a purpose at times as ‘visually’ this car will be complete and as 2k lacquer was used there wont be any of the usual dulling of the laquer as with cellulose rattle cans.

Back on with the important bit......

The previous week i had become aware that Optimum Technologies (OPT) that had brought us Opti-Coat 2 and ONR wereabout to release ‘Opti-Coat Pro’ into the UK & Europe and that it would only be available to be applied at OPT Approved Application Centres. I have been extremely impressed with my previous experiences of Opti-Coat 2.0 on a Porsche Carrera, Mercedes SLK, Audi TTRS and Fiat 500 and this Audi A5 was booked for Opti Coat 2.0 anyway at the customers specific request. To cut a long story short i have had some contact previously with Optimum Europe and a few emails were sent back and forth with some requested details from both parties and i am proud to say i am now the first Approved Opti Coat Pro Application Centre in the UK 

‘Opti-Coat Pro’ has a higher ceramic content (SiC) and lays down a thicker coating than Opti Coat 2.0. It carries a 5 year warranty on previously owned vehicles and a lifetime warranty on new vehicles although personally i think the 5 years is erring on the side of caution a bit if Opti Coat 2.0 is anything to go by.
A principal retail price has been set for this product and its application on both new and previously owned vehicles along with it only being available direct from the Netherlands to Approved Application Centres.

To get this here in time a package was despatched via track & trace as i waited in anticipation....

Nothing too exciting to see Opti Coat syringe much like any other displayed alongside a specimen warranty i had received by email while i await the ‘warranty pack’ as the 20 warranties i had ordered would have added unnecessary wait to a package that was needed quickly..

A final polish with 3M Ultrafina on a blue 3M pad and all light lenses as well...

Ideal temperature for application is 15C and above so workshop humidity and temperature are taken...

And panel temps...

Compulsory wipe down with IPA...

..and one quick thing to check before application..

I was curious as to the thickness of the coating so took measurements with a paint gauge aided by a laser pointer so that the next day i would be assured of taking a reading from the same spot. Readings taken and compared showed on the bootlid that a touch over 3 microns of extra thickness were achieved although i did lay it on thick on this area to test it. Normal thickness of Opti Coat 2.0 averages out at 1 – 2 microns in tests so the increase ceramic content in the resin does seem to actually do what it claims.

And this is what we have before application...not too bad....

On with application...very similar to Opti-Coat 2.0 but with a quicker ‘flash-off’ time so only a panel or two to be worked at a time. Pad is primed......

Product is then applied to the first panel and applied in a back and forth motion and then up and down to ensure complete coverage. You will start to feel the foam applicator start to grab after 30 seconds to a minute at which stage it is becoming tacky and starting to ‘flash off’..2-3 minutes will see it flashed off over the entire panel. I then started on the next panel the same. As soon a sthe second panel was complete this worked out at 5 minutes and it was possible to see the uneven areas on the 1st panel which are then wiped over lightly with either a clean foam applicator or in my case i used a new microfiber...a costco one at that....and perfect !!!.....and on to each panel in the same fashion....

Door shuts and all ‘inner’ paint surfaces covered as well....

Once the whole car had been completed with this process it was then left alone to cure overnight....

Friday morning...

Glass cleaned and treated with the 3 stage Nanolex kit....

A quick wipe down with Optimum Detailing Spray....what else !!!

..and off outdoors to see the results...fingers crossed 

Here we go...

Remember that door crease we had taken out......

All in all it wasn’t as straightforward as most jobs...if there is ever such a thing...with the change of plan to go with ‘Pro’ and become approved before application and to get the product here. Then the wheel situation with the locking key. It just goes to show that even what seems straightforward can bring on a few headaches.
The customer needless to say was very pleased with the outcome and after collecting it and driving back to Harrogate commented that it had rained on the way back and the ‘rain had just slid off the car’.

And during the week a maintenance detail on a Mercedes ML at the home of one of the owners of SuperChips, a trade valet at a garage in Charlbury on a heavily smoked in £500 Fiat Punto and pick up, valet and return a Q7 in Friday night traffic along the A40 at 6;00pm.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and it generates some interest in Opti Coat Pro as it is a product i will be offering now on a regular basis alongside one other ‘glass’ coating treatment.

This write up has taken me quite a while to say the least which is why i am absent on here a bit but i do update my Facebook and Twitter feeds on a regular basis if you want to find out more of what happens daily....

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if there are any questions please fire away and i will try to answer as best as i can.


by KrystalKleenDetail
Sun Apr 21, 2013 8:38 pm
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Re: Info For Premium Members

Just made my payment - every little helps
by High Definition Detailing
Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:50 am
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Re: Info For Premium Members

Thanks Admin for sorting out my premium membership package so quickly :D

by DMD Detailing
Thu Mar 28, 2013 2:05 pm
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Re: Info For Premium Members

Just paid mine least I can do to show some support ;)
by Finishing Touch
Tue Apr 02, 2013 4:24 pm
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Re: Info For Premium Members

Paid for gotta support the new forum
by Winters valeting
Thu Apr 04, 2013 7:02 pm
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Re: Info For Premium Members

Sorted mine guys :-)
by G3valeting
Thu Apr 04, 2013 9:23 pm
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Re: Info For Premium Members

Thankyou messier suds ....
by G3valeting
Thu Apr 04, 2013 10:57 pm
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Re: Info For Premium Members

Have Just made a payment through your paypal account. :)
by Superior Valeting
Fri Apr 12, 2013 5:42 pm
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BMW Swirl Hiding Valet In Scarborough

Full valet + glaze

The customer wasn't sure about a correction or enhancement, so the days task was to hide as many swirls as possible.

Sorry but no pics of the wash stages.

Far side polished with blackhole by hand.

This worked well so proceeded around the car and topped with Megs 16 8-)

All done......... Then POW!!!! :evil:
Oh I do like to live beside the sea side. lol. :lol:

This was sorted and the final pics taken.

Thanks for looking.

Comments welcome. :D
by Spic & Spanners Valeting
Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:55 am
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