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Food For Thought

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Food For Thought

Postby DMD Detailing » Fri Jul 18, 2014 5:38 pm

Here is some text that ive copyed from this post ... iness.html" onclick=";return false; posted by Mike Phillips.

Now ive watched a video recently where Mike talks about this and ive read this post a couple of times now and imo its defo #FoodForThought Ok I'm no super star detailer but after reading this and thinking back to what ive seen and read in posts published up by detailers on Facebook recently and over the years really makes me think. eg (Today I will be starting 3 Day Enhancement Detail On this BMW 320i) and you think oh that sounds great, then if you dig deeper and look at their site you see prices like £230 for Enhancement Detail, yes ok thats nearly £80 a day not to bad I guess, but shouldnt that service be called Perfection Detail or Show Car Detail and be a bit more on the up in price? Should that service still be called an Enhancement Detail but be done in a day for something more affordable to the customer and profit for you like £190. Person........well have a read and see what you think.

Show Car Detailing = Multiple Step Process
Production Detailing = One Step Process

The point is, for most people just starting out the majority of your customers are going to be people with daily drivers and this demographic group are primarily interested in having a shiny car, black tires, clear windows and a vacuumed interior. They won't appreciate a 100% swirl-free finish and generally won't want to pay for it and also won't know how to maintain a swirl free finish after you with all your hard work create these types of results.

This is further explained in this article,

The difference between a swirl and squirrel

Someone just starting a part-time detailing business usually has very noble goals and strives to create show car results for every car they detail and I understand your passion as it is explained here,

The Mindset of a Professional Detailer

That said, you need to match your services to your target market and by this I mean you don't want to offer a multiple step process to the average person with a daily driver that includes,

Car Washing
Claying the paint
Paint Correction - Removing swirls, scratches and water spots
Polishing - Maximizing gloss and clarity by refining the results from the correction step
Sealing or protecting the paint with a car wax or paint sealant

And here's why... the above is a multiple-step approach, it will take you more time than doing a one-step and in most cases you won't be able to charge your demographic market enough money to make enough profit to make it worth your time AND be enjoyable. Working for free is a fast way to take all the fun out of a hobby that's turning into a business.

Instead when first starting out you should be doing a one-step processes or one-step detail jobs.

One-Step Cleaner/Wax by hand or machine

This is what's called a One-Step Process, it's actually 3 steps but washing and claying are accepted normal procedures in this day and age for detailing cars whether you're doing Show Car Detailing or Production Detailing.

If you want to do show car work, that is a multiple step processes, then I would recommend to first evaluate your customer and make sure you're matching your services at a profitable price point to customers that actually want show care results.

Production Detailing
Don't do show car detailing for someone that is going to run the car through a car wash as a normal maintenance procedure. It won't be good for you and it won't be good for your potential customer. You should target show car work to people that will appreciate your hard work and that will appreciate the results as well as be knowledgeable enough to understand that clear coat paints are scratch-sensitive and require proper care to stay swirl free.

Since the majority of people that will pay to have their car washed and waxed, (so they don't have to do it themselves), will fall into people that own Daily Drivers, and this larger target market will fall into the category of Production Detailing or in other words, doing one-step procedures to the paint.

The general goal of this type of work isn't to remove ALL the swirls, but to simply make the paint shiny again. Most people don't know what swirls are, they see paint that is either shiny or it's not shiny.

KISS - Keep it Simple Simon
Here's the good news... it's easy to make paint shiny! Show Car Detailing has been historically time and labor intensive with a measured amount of risk. Production Detailing or doing One-Steps is a lot faster, requires a lot less work and there's very little to zero risk. You just follow the basics,

1. Wash and dry car to remove loose surface dirt.

2. Use detailing clay to remove above surface bonded contaminants and restore smoothness to the paint. This is key because gloss comes from smoothness and restored gloss is a powerful visible before-and-after result that your customer will notice.

3. Use a quality one-step cleaner/wax to clean, polish and protect the paint (Klasse AIO, Optimum Poli-Seal). A quality cleaner/wax will remove surface oxidation, staining and minor surface imperfections. S cleaner/waxes will even remove and/or reduce minor or shallow swirls and scratches. A quality cleaner/wax or cleaner/paint sealant will restore clarity to clear coats and increase shine. Again, these are dramatic before-and-after visible differences that your customer will notice and appreciate.

And just to add, claying the paint with detailing clay also enables your choice of wax or paint sealant to bond better to the paint thus last longer and thus protect longer. These are benefits your customer wants but may not understand very well the reasons why claying helps wax to last longer so this is where you have the opportunity to educate them and set yourself apart from the average detailer with your knowledge.
(Use this to get referrals)

4. Apply some tire dressing to restore a deep, dark black appearance to the tires, clean the windows, vacuum and clean the interior and make sure it smells clean with a fresh scent and that's your basic service package and for the majority of car owners that's what they want, knowingly or unknowingly.
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Re: Food For Thought

Postby Shine My Ride » Fri Jul 18, 2014 6:21 pm

We've spoken about this a number of times recently.

Most of us don't have the market for corrections, so enhancing people's everyday car is the logical step.
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Re: Food For Thought

Postby G3valeting » Fri Jul 18, 2014 9:26 pm

Mmmnnn interesting, for me an enhancement is a days work for that it's £250 minimum following mikes lead these can be done in 6 hrs with an aio .. To some this is totally wrong to others money is worth more than paint ..
What do i mean by this ? Well firstly most clients do not give a stuff about swirls only scratches so if you can eradicate or lessen thes most are happy .. the swirl haters wont in the main pay £700 + for correction so enhancement is the way forward the ones that want correction also want the p word perfection which is not always possible 100% so enhancement is the way forward .
Most people wouldn't know 2 buckets mf towels snowfoam etc if it bit their a*** so from a proffesional point of view you have a dilemma offer correction at £50-200 or offer enhancement with a quality sealant for £250 and out the door in 6-8 hrs ?
I'm running a business with a mortgage and mouths to feed so i take the money and as long as the customers happy i can sleep at night .. It all boils down to how much you love paint i guess most want a clean shiny car for cheap as who are we to decide otherwise .. Correction is great and tbf looks the biz but most want enhancement .. It pays the bills and you could fit 2 in a day rather than £50-£700 for 3 days .. Food for thought .. Mike phillips is no idiot...
i for one can command £250-500 for a days work rare admittedly but unless your paul dalton £5000 details are even rarer.
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